Xp uses IMA to gather info from each server about the printers and the drivers.
Every change is made the datastore is updated and each data collector is notified that a change as occurred.

Local Printers : connected directly to any XP server;
Network Printers : connected to print server or any device client shared using windows printer sharing;
Client Printers : locally connected ,connected over a network and virtual printers ,all the printers that appears in the printers folder of the win32 clients.

Adding Client Printers

Ica clients can use client printer connected to client devices to print from ica session.

Printers are autocreated in the XP server when ICA client connects.
Name of the autocreated printers : #clientname/printername.
The printers are deleted after logoff if the print queue is empty otherwise XP retains the printers and the print jobs.

N:B.: ICA DOS and ICA windows CE clients requires additional configuration before they can be autocreated.

Adding Network Printers

ICA clients can use network printers connected to print servers outside the farm to print from ICA session.
Autocreate the network printers by doing the following :

Adding local printers

ICA clients can use printers connected to server metaframe to print from an ICA session.

Adding Print Drivers

Print driver must be installed on the server metaframe.

File/Server Properties menu in the Printers folder on the server.

After the drivers are installed for each operating system ,use the CMC to replicate the print drivers to other servers int the farm.


Files of the drivers are copied and registry entries are set ,to work properly this settings must be installed in all servers XP.

Two ways to install drivers in all the servers : manual ,replicate with CMC.


Auto replication is for the servers who join in the farm with the same operating system.
To edit the auto replication list use the CMC : right click 'Drivers' in the Printer Management node --> Auto-replication
Print drivers for network printers on print servers cannot be added to the auto replication list.


Until a printer attached to a print server are imported to server XP it couldn't be used by the ICA clients.
To import use CMC : right click Printer Management node ,Import Network Print Server (specifies the server ,user and password) , click OK.


To print the ICA session the name of the client driver must be the same in the server if this condition don't exist it is necessary mapping the drivers in the server XP.
To map the drivers use the CMC ,when the mapping is created the servers update they respective WTSPRNT.INF files.


ICA client make logon a query is sent to server to discover the list of network printers that need to be automatically autocreated for the user.
If the user have the right the printers are autocreated.
At logoff the printers are deleted.
Right click on the Printer Management Node --> Auto-creation
Specifies the domain groups and users.

Network printers that are autocreated ae available to the user from different client devices and only when the user is using the client device to wich the printer is connected.


Client printers are the printers attached to a client.
No other users can use this printers.

N.B.: by default ,client printers are automatically created for all ICA clients except ICA DOS and ICA WinCE clients.
The citrix administrators can use the CMC to autocreate the printers for this clients.

Right click Printers in the Printer Management node of CMC --> Client Printers and specifies the parameters request.

Settings that can affetct the autocreation of client printers can be specified per user or per ICA connection.
Some client devices cannot store updates.Autocreationg of client printers on these client devices is not supported.
Autocreate printer info is written to the user profile every time the user logs on.If the user is logged on the when the user profile is being updated ,the user must log off and then log on again to get the printer.


Some drivers cause problems when thay are used to print to client printers.
The administrator can prevent this problems using the compatibility list ;when a user make logon the server checks the the list before it sets up the client printers.
If the driver is in the list the printers autocreation failed.

Right click Drivers in the Printer Management Node of CMC --> Compatibility
set the requested parameters.


The data is sent over network connection with ica protocol to the client printer ,in case of restricted bandwith the administrator can limit the bandwith used for the client printers.

Right click Printer Management Node --> Bandwith
The default value is 'unlimited'