XP and 1.8 servers can interoperate when both of the following are ture :

In mixed mode ,Citrix Server Administration can monitor and manage the users ,sessions and processes on the 1.8 servers in the farm.
If CSA is used to adminster servers XP ,the addictional function cannot be viewed or managed in the utility.
Terminal Services Manager is installed as option of w2k server.
The CSA has three tabs at the bottom of the left pane : Servers ,Published Applications and Video Servers.

Servers Tab
Displays the names of the domains ,servers and sessions in the network.
Published Applications Tab
Lists the names of the published applications and server farm.
Video Servers Tab
Lists the names of the servers in the network capable of running video.


Enables shadowing of one or more ICA sessions at a time ,can organize the shadowed sessions in a taskbar for easy access.
To begin using the shadow taskbar users with shadow permissions must first enter their passwords.
The shadow indicator dialog ,which can be used to reject a request to shadow ,is not displayed on the ICA client if shadowing notification was disabled in either the XP setup or the Advanced properties of the ICA connection.
Provides the following capabilities :

Each ICA session shadowed using the shadow taskbar uses a connection license.
Shadowing can also be performed to CMC.
Shadowing done through the CMC uses a single connection license ,however the CMC uses memory in the system on wich it runs.
Shadow icon in the CSAdmin. can be used to shadow one user while Shadow Taskbar and CMC can be used to shadow one or more users.


Allows administrators to :

If a transport protocol is installed after XP setup ,administrator can use Connection Configuration utility to create ICA connections for the transports.

Security Permissions

Allows an administrator to configure an ICA connection so that only users and groups with permission to use the ICA connection can do so.
To change ICA connection's security click the Security/Permissions menu items.
By default ,administrators ,System and uusers accounts have access to an ICA connection.
The following type access are available:

Only administrator can change the security permissions and can use Advanced button in the permissions window to change the security permissions for Full Control ,User Access and Guest Access.

Client Settings

Allow an administrator to control the mapping of client devices when an ICA client logs on to the ICA connection.

Administrator can use the client mappings settings int the Client Settings dialog to control whether ICA clients can perform mapping functions over an ICA connection during logon.
Different client mapping settings can be set for each ICA connection listed in Citrix Connection Configuration ;by default all client mapping settings are enabled on all ICA connections.
Show the image above to know the available settings.

Advanced Connection Settings

Allow an administrator to configure specific settings for the selected ICA connection.
The following advanced connection settings are available :

ICA Settings

Allow an administrator to control the quality of sound and amount of bandwith consumed by sound on an ICA connection.
The following settings are available :

The sample button can be used to hear the differences between the quality settings.


Delays between entry and echo of mouse movements and keyboard input are one of the primary frustrations that users experience on high latency network connections.
The Speedscreen Latency Reduction (SLR) saves the configuration setting sto the drive\%systemroot%\system32\ss3config file on the XP server.
Other servers can deploy the config. settings by copying the entire directory and its contents to each server in the server farm.
SLR enhances the user experience for ICA clients on slow networks where the round trip time on the connection is between 150ms and 500ms.

Configuring Latency Reduction on a Server

An administrator can configure a server to use the same SLR settings for all applications running in that server.
Use SLR ,right click a server in the SLR Manager and then click Server Properties.
If an administrator customizes the Local Text Echo settings for an application ,it will override the Local Text Echo setting on the server.

Configuring SLR for an Application

An administrator can configure an application to use SLR.
To configure an application to use SLR ,click New in the SLR Manager.

Customizing SLR Settings for an Application

An administrator can customize the SLR setting for an application in the SLR Manager.
To change the settings ,right click the name of the application whise settings are to be changed and then click Application Properties.

Configuring SLR from an ICA client

ICA clients can configure application sets and published applications to use SLR.
To enable or disable SLR ,click the application set or published application in the PN ,then click the Properties icon.

By default ,published applications and application sets have SLR set to Auto and Mouse Click Feedback to Enabled.


Can organize the most frequently used XP utilities ,and provide quick and easy access to them without cluttering the desktop.
By default the ICA administrator Toolbar is attached to the right edge of the desktop.
The following menù items are available :