Extends the reach of windows, Java and Unix-based applications to virtually any client platform or device, including : 286,386,486 and pentium-based PCs, windows-based terminals, network computers, wireless devices, ICA-based information appliances, RISC-based systems, Power PCs, Unix based computer and X-based devices.
ICA client are available for Macintosh, DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux, EPOC, windows CE and Java operating systems.
ICA client are catogorized into tiers based on how frequently the client software is updated.
Tier 1 clients are updated more frequently than the tiers 4 clients.

Win16 work with windows 3.1 and 3.11
Win32 work with win9x, win NT 3.51 or 4.0, win2000, metaframe 1.x and XP and winframe 1.7and 1.8
Windows CE work with win CE 2.0 or later
Web browser work with 16-bit windows, 32-bit windows, windows CE, Java and Macintosh.
DOS work with DOS version 4.0 or higher, and support DOS full screen mode
Unix work with DEC, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux x86, Linux ARM, SCO, SGI IRIX, Solaris
Macintosh work with version 7.5.3 or greater.
Version 7.1 or 7.1.2 are also supported but require installation of the Thread Manager System from Apple computer's Web site.
Java work with devices that have a Java Virtual Machine or JDK version 1.1 or later installed
X.11 work with devices using X.11via an option package called Citrix Unix Integration Services (UIS)
EPOC work with EPOC release 5 on the PSion 5, Psion 5mx, Psion 7, Netbook and Revo devices
OS/2 work with IBM OS/2 warp 3.0 with FixPAk 32 or greater and IBM OS/2 warp4.0 with FixPak 5 or greater

Citrix ICa client software allows :


Metaframe has two ICA client interfaces :

ICA PassThrough

Clients not running Nfuse ,Java or Win32-bit operating system cannot install Program Neighborhood directly on their devices.
The ica passthrough is an expanded feature of the Citrix PN (Program Neighborhood) client software.
It is installed automatically on a XP server in the %systemroot%\system32\Ica PassThrough directory.
To give clients access to the Citrix PN via Ica PassThrough ,the administrator simply publishes the Citrix PN as an application.
To access the Citrix PN ,clients use their ICA client software to create an entry that points to the published Citrix PN application.
Clients then start the application as they normally start published applications.
This results in the ICA client running an ICA session within another ICa session ,but this cause a slower ICA session.
The citrix PN using the ICA PassThrough supports most standard features ,like drive mapping ,printer queue and client audio ,but it does not support client LPT and COM port mapping.


Can be installed on a client device using :

Installation Options

During the installation of the ICA client software on the client device ,the following info is required :

Ica client software it proposes the same name of the microsoft system during the installation.


Allows an administrator to create installation disks that can be used to install ICA clients on devices or customized to create ReadyConnect Clients.
Ica client creator can be installed on XP server using ICA Client Distribution Wizard during XP setup.
ICA client creator can create installation disks for the :

Other ICA client ,such as Java or Unix ,are not available from the ICA Client Creator because of file system restrictions.
This clients are available in the XP servers but not installed.

ReadyConnect Client

Preconfigured client which has all network addresses ,telephone number ,server names and connection options preset and available to the user upon install.
Removes the need for an administrator or user to configure ICA client software locally on the client device.
To create a ReadyConnect Client :

  1. create installation disks for the desired ICA client;
  2. install ICA client from disks;
  3. configure the connections ,preferences ,settings and modems or direct serial connections;
  4. copy the following files from the \program files\citrix\ica client directory on the client device to the installation disks using the following names :
Copy PN.INI to A:\PN.SRC

Use the updated disks to perform installation on other ICA client device.


Citrix periodically releases new versions of its ICA clients that fix problems or add new capabilities.
The ica client update configuration utility provides administrators the ability to update the ICA clients on client devices with newer versions without needing to touch each client device manually.
N.B.: Can upate client files to newer version with the same product and model numbers ,but cannot update win16 client to hte win32 client.

ICA Client Update Configuration Process

  1. administrator stores the latest version of ICA clients in a database on XP server and configures the ICA client update config. utility to deliver the ICA clients.
  2. the XP server queries ICA client when the user logs on : if XP detects the same version the logon continues tranparently otherwise informs the user of the new client and asks for permission to perform the update.
    - The exisiting ICA files are saved to the progrma files\Citrix\ICA client\folder.These can be used to restore an older version
  3. user can choose to wait to finish downloading or download the files in background and continue working.
    - with modem better performance by waiting to finish download;
    - administrator can change settings in the ICA client update configuration utility that force the client update to complete before allowing the user to continue.
    - all client applications must be closed before continue update, if a user does not close a message will appear.When all applications are closed, the update can be completed.
  4. after all files are copied ,the user disconnects from the server and the update completes. (admin can configure auto disconnect and the updates completes)
  5. when the update is complete the user must log on again to continue working

N.B.: an administrator can configure the ICA client update configuration utility to update the ICA client software transparently without informing the user and without allowing the user to cancel


During XP setup a client update database is created on XP server.
An administrator can :

To create a new database ,open the ica client update config. utility and use the Database/New menu item ;specify where the database should be stored (default %systemroot%\ICA\ClientDB).

The databse configuration file must be named DBCONFIG.INI

After the database is created ,it can be set as the default for the current XP server or for all XP servers by the Database/Set Default menu item.

Adding ICA Clients to the Client Update Database

To ad a new ICA client to the update database muse Client/New menu item in the ICA client update config. utility.
The following info is usedto add a new client in the database :

To remove an ica client from the database ,use Client/Delete menu item in the ICA client update config. utility.


Both client update database and ica clients within the database have properties that spcified for an individual ICA client in a database override those set for the database.
To view or change the properties of an ICA client update database ,use Database/Properties menu item ;to view or change the properties of ICA client in a client update database ,use the Client/Properties menu item in the ICA cliene update configuration utility.

Clear the enabled check box to prevent the database from updating ICA clients while the properties are being changed.
After the properties of the database or ICA client have been updated, select the enabled chek box to begin updating clients again.

The following properties are available for the client update database and the individual ICA clients within the client update database:

The appsrv.ini and pn.ini files contain client initializating settings made by a user.
These files are not overwritten when ICA client configuration utility updates an ICA client.